ten things that made me SMILE today!

August 10, 2008

I am sitting waiting for Brian to finish working so we can leave so there's no better time to blog!
On my aunts blog she wrote ten thing that made her smile today and I decided to be a copy cat and do the same thing!

1. Brian and I went to a wedding today! It was at the Mount Timpanogas temple and I had never been there! It is gorgeous! ...Just like all temples of course! :D

2. The luncheon after the wedding was at the Brick Oven! Hmm so yummy!

3. At work today I was asking a table if they wanted dessert and I started to ramble off our lists of deserts ... brownie, cheesecake, .... and somehow the word nachos came our of my mouth! My table just looked at me and laughed, then I started to laugh! ... Maybe it was a "just have to be there moment" but it was funny!

4. My friend at Bostons bought me some Jr. Mints just for the heck of it!

5. I looked at my "cruise count down" and it is coming fast! I can't wait!

6. I finshed my "hair basics"! Now I just have to get 1500 practical hours!

7. Brian and I have a friend who is in the hospital for heart complications and today he started to progress and feel a lot better toady! He will probably get to go home on monday after being there for a week!

8. Tomorrow is Sunday and that means a day off! Yay!!!

.... well dang I am only on number 8 now but Brian is ready to leave! So I will have to end at that! But I love to smile, especially when my husband does cute things! :D

A smile can makes every day better!


Chad and Chelsea said...

I loved your list...it's a great reminder for me to notice the little things that happen each day!

Lesa said...

Brick Oven...so good! Your smile makes me smile!

Brandon and Erica said...

It was great to see you last Saturday. The temple was amazing, wasn't it? And of course, Brick Oven is the perfect combination!

The Millers said...

Great idea! It's always nice to notice the good things!

Cecily said...

I love your post, so glad you copied!

Mmm, nacho's . . . who knows, you might just start a new dessert trend. :-)

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