My High School Friends!

June 24, 2008

My mom tagged me and so now I am going to write about my high school friends! I am just going to write about 2 of them but that doesn't mean I didn't like the others!

Mckenzie (top left) and I were in choir together all through high school. Our choir teacher always let us sit by each other, even though we love to talk. Our Jr. year we went to New York together and it was a week I will never forget! We went to WICKED! And our Senior year we went to Disneyland! We both LOVE Disneyland and it was always her dream to go on her honeymoon there.... Thanks for letting me steal your dream! Kenz goes to BYU and is home for the summer so of course I got her a job at Bostons so we can still stay in touch! Love ya kenz!!

Sam ( top right) I have known Sam since 8th grade! She loves shoes and works at my favorite shoe store! She is going to school for fashion merchandise/design. Sam was also with us when we went to NYC and Disneyland! Sam loves to laugh and always make me laugh! She was also in choir with Kenz and I but because she has a GOREGOUS soprano voice she sat on the other side of the room!

The three of us were always laughing and probably being louder then we should have been!!

Now I tag Jenny, Morgan, and Jennifer

Write a post about your high school friends!


Lesa said...

Thanks for playing along. Cute post about your friends!

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